Tornado Survivors Thankful for President Trump’s Visit

While President Trump’s visit to Lee County won’t end the suffering and uncertainty for survivors of Sunday’s EF-4 tornado, people tell us they greatly appreciate having the President take time to see the damage and comfort them.

President Trump spent part of today in Lee County. As he passed through the area, with tears in her eyes, Cindy Sanford told us about the last time she saw her house standing before the storm. Just five minutes before the tornado destroyed everything in its path, she evacuated to a shelter with her 14-year-old grandson.

“Sometimes it’s hard just to sit here and look at it and think this has really happened,” Sanford said.

Now all that’s left is her porch. Her home and everything she owned destroyed by this storm. But she is thankful for the last minute decision to leave.

“I looked around and all my neighbors were still here and I just had to go get safety for me and my grandchild,” she said.

The visit from President Trump brought some new hope to this community that has lost so much.

Olivia Rowan, another tornado survivor, captured video as the motorcade passed by.

“I wanted him to stop here, I thought he would,” she told Alabama News Network.

While he didn’t stop at her house, just knowing the country is supporting this community is more than enough.

“I’m glad it brought the attention here, to just how bad it is,” she said.

But now they return to long and hard process of recovery and rebuilding.

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