Troy University Procedures In Place to Keep Students Safe During Severe Weather

No students living on Troy University’s campus were injured during this past weekend’s tornado.

Officials give credit to procedures in place to keep students safe.

“We send out any time we got under a warning, severe thunder storm warning, tornado warning, hurricane warning, anything along those lines, we send out a text message to the students for them to, certainly the residents all but but also if its during class, just to evacuate to the lowest level possible,” Troy University’s Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves says.

That text message is part of the E2 Campus alert system. Students easily sign up using their university log in email.
The system sends out alerts warning students and faculty of the threat of severe weather, through email, a phone call, and text.

Reeves says there are other measures in place to make sure students are well aware of the weather threat.

“We furnish bullhorns to all of our RA’s.” Reeves says. “The purpose of that is the bull horns have a little siren on it and if it’s in the middle of the night, they can sound that siren and start waking people up and getting them downstairs.”

Students living in certain dorm rooms have access to storm shelters that hold about 200 students..

“Rushing Hall that was built the last couple of years does have two storm shelters, one for each wing,” Reeves says. “But the others, we evacuate to the lowest level possible”

Preparations can be made for students living off-campus as well.

“Now we know that there’s an expectation, maybe severe weather tomorrow night into Friday morning, you know if we have requests for students, we will open a shelter on campus in one of the buildings, normally we open the Trojan Center,” Reeves says.

Reeves says the university has already started sending emails to Troy students to be aware of the possible severe weather later this week.

Students wishing to sign up for the alert system can do so here.

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