Memory Loss Victims Put On Patriotic Concert for Community

A special concert brought a packed house today in Montgomery.

But it was the singers that got all the attention.

The concert was put on by the Side by Side Choir.
It’s part of First United Methodist Church’s Respite Ministry, which provides help for caregivers of those with memory loss.

“We all know that music is one of the last things that leave the brain,” Assistant Director of the Respite Ministry Laura Selbey says “So we have a choir that we have developed that is all for the city.”

The choir is made up of people who suffer from memory loss diseases, like dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Caregivers are also part of the choir.
Members say being a part of the concert gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

“It energizes you and it gives you lots of joy,” singer Gloria Walker says.
“It’s like a big hug,” Cyndi Carter says. “Everybody’s singing together so we are all just having a good time. The audience sings, all of us sing.”

Those in the audience also sang along.
Many came to support their family and friends.

“People say, ‘ohh it must depressing,’ but its not,” audience member Winifred Stakely says. “It’s just heart-filled and everybody has such a loving time and the people feel so apart of a group.”

The Respite Ministry gives caregivers a break, and allows those with memory loss a chance to shine.

“We just come together, have songs that we can sing and remember the words from the songs,” Selbey says.

The choir holds four concerts each year. The next one will be in the fall.

For more information about the Respite Ministry, you can click here.

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