Caught On Camera: Possible Attempted Break-In At Senator David Burkette’s Home

State Senator David Burkette (D, Montgomery)  says he’s on edge after he says someone tried to break in his home last Wednesday; and it was all caught on camera. He also says it’s not the only run-in he’s had with the suspected culprits.

Burkette  spoke to Alabama News Network about the incident at his home in South Montgomery. He says thankfully, he had just had his security cameras put in several weeks prior to the “close call”.

Burkette says says he was in bed when he heard a loud bang around midnight last Wednesday but it wasn’t until he looked at the security footage the next morning that he saw the “bold move” from what appeared to be teenagers.

Surveillance video from around 11:58 pm July 3rd shows a seemingly young man taking a quick look around Burkette’s front door before he uses the large stick in his hand to pound the door several times, kick the door, then run-off.

Footage from earlier in the night shows what appears to be the same young man walking with a group of other teens before stopping in front of, and eventually approaching Burkette’s house.

“Who knows what their intentions are” Burkette said while recalling the incident that police have deemed criminal mischief, “that’s my biggest fear, what are their intentions?”.

On July 9th, Burkette claims he had yet another run-in with a teen from the same group, trespassing in his yard. He says he’s showed police the newer footage but they have not confirmed that the two incidents are connected. Alabama News Network reached out to the Montgomery Police Department but have not yet heard any updates on the case.

Burkette says he’s not sure if the culprits were actually trying to break in, or perhaps it was a part of a prank, but he says he does feel targeted.

“Not only am I a state elected official, a state senator, but I think it’s the perception by me being in a wheel chair”.

Burkette has been in a wheel chair for several months now after  having a stroke earlier this year. Wednesday he explained that while he is still recovering he has made significant improvement and is able to stand and even walk with some assistance.

As for the criminal mischief at his home, Burkette is now asking parents, neighbors and other members of the community to take a look at the security video and help police identify these suspects. You can contact the MPD with any tips or, make an anonymous tip to Crime Stopper using their 215-STOP tip line.




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