ASU Celebrates Anniversary at Historical Birthplace in Marion

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Alabama State University commemorates its 152nd birthday — with a pilgrimage to it’s historical birthplace in Perry County.

The Montgomery to Marion Freshman Pilgrimage took members of the ASU freshman class — back to the place where the school got its start.

“We’re here in the city of Marion in Perry County, here on the campus of Lincoln where Alabama State University began,” said ASU President Dr. Quinton Ross.

“To experience on the hallowed grounds from Marion to Montgomery and all of the history that has allowed an institution like Alabama State University to flourish and become the great higher education institution it is.

Alabama State grew out of Lincoln Normal School.

The Lincoln School was founded in 1867 by a group of nine newly freed former slaves.

ASU officials say that history lets students know that the school and its students are meant to make a difference in the world.

“We don’t want to teach our students to be successful, we want them to be significant,” ASU Assistant VP of Student Affairs Dr. Rolundus Rice.

He says ASU has been transforming lives for 152 years. He says his life is one of thousands of examples.

“I came to Alabama State with a GED in one hand, Alabama State transform me from a GED into a PhD so I always tell people that they found me brick and made me marble. They found so many students brick and made them marble. We didn’t start just doing that in 2019, that started in 1867.”

Alabama State officials say Alabama State is the oldest state-sponsored HBCU in America.

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