What the Tech? See New Emoji

Apple and Google unveiled their new emoji coming to devices later this year. The two companies released around 60 emoji based on the ones approved by the Unicode Consortium earlier this year.

Among the new entries is a slew of disability-themed emoji such as people with prosthetic limbs, people using wheelchairs along with guide-dogs and comfort-dogs. There’s a new yawning face emoji, a waffle, a stick of butter, otter, and skunk.

Apple is introducing 59 new emoji that will be loaded onto iPhones and iPads in an operating system update this fall.

Google is bringing 65 new emoji including its own version of the aforementioned emoji characters approved by the Unicode Consortium.

Google is making the new emoji available now to beta testers of its Android Q operating system which is available on a selection of later model phones including the Google Pixel 3.

Emoji are more important than shortcuts for text messages between friends. The Unicode Consortium, made up of tech leaders from around the world, are creating a new language using pictures which will allow people to communicate with one another regardless of the language they speak.

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