What the Tech? See Hi-Tech Dinner Theatre on Your Plate

We have robots in our home, computers in our pockets and we’re always connected. Outside of Disney though, high tech doesn’t interact with our dining experiences. But it can.

Go West Creative, the company behind the popular “Dinner Time Stories” is at it again with a new dinner theater production called “Banquet of Hoshena”. Launching next month in Nashville, this latest production offers another interactive and immersive dining experience that uses animation, sound and dozens of digital projectors.

As dinner is served by a host of attendants, a fairytale is being told by a queen who is being projected onto a mannequin head. There’s a magic mirror where the king appears to help tell the story but the real show takes place on the dinner table.

Each place setting displays talking leaves that change color and narrates the fable along with the queen and king. Go West Creative’s David Fischette told me, it’s not easy describing what diners will experience before they sit down for dinner.

“It’s a completely immersive 3D dining experience where your table and the environment around you comes to life,” he said. “Each of your courses are served in a different experiential way with lots of illusion and magical elements as well.”

Digital projectors above project the images on the table and on the queen’s mannequin. It’s similar to Go West’s “Dinner Time Stories: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo” which is playing now in Canada and Mexico after a tour in the United States.

The “Banquet of Hoshena” is different because guests sit at tables of four rather than the large banquet table for Marco Polo.

“The last show your place setting was your world all of your action took place right here,” explains Fischette, pointing to the table in front of him. “This show takes place on all the table and up on the side of the room so it’s a completely new experience where your head is up and you’re looking around and it’s not the single focus down here, which I think is a much more satisfying and engaging experience for tables for groups to come together.”

During the 6-course meal, a saucer floats on top of the table, ice cubes illuminate in multiple colors when placed in a bowl of coconut bisque, and guests seemingly will a candle to spark and light just by pointing.

The “Banquet of Hoshena” launches in Nashville August 1st and will play through September 29th at The Chef & I restaurant. After it finishes in Nashville, the dinner-theater production will tour other cities in the U.S and the world.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite

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