ArtsRevive Transforms Street Corner in Downtown Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma non-profit is working to revitalize a part of the city’s downtown area by using the arts to transform the area into a thriving art district.

ArtsRevive is doing just what its name implies. Its using the arts to breathe new life into a section of the city that was dying.

Becky Youngblood is the ArtsRevive Executive Director.

“We want this to be an arts destination. We want artists from all over to come to Selma and want to be here because our arts organization is thriving and our community is thriving through the arts,” she said.

Youngblood said ArtsRevive has used a million dollar capital campaign to fund several projects that have drastically changed the appearance on the corner of Water Avenue and Church Street.

The group started the effort by renovating the old Carneal Building.

“This building is used as a community space. People can rent it for community events. And then we also host an annual art show every year and then other events that ArtsRevive hosts in this building.”

The art district includes a mural where people can take instagram pictures and selfies.

ArtsRevive has also opened an art gallery on the corner — to support local and regional artists. And it’s latest project — is called a pocket park.

“Its an urban green space. And its designed to be a space that neighborhood and community can come together,” said Youngblood.

“We started with Church and Water, but we’re just getting started,” said the group’s incoming President Rex Jones.

“We figure we can affect all of Selma. We’re trying to paint Selma’s future and it’s beautiful.”

ArtsRevive is also coordinating a project with Selma City Schools to help educate and inspire students using the arts.

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