MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Measles update + Benefits of fish oil + How living by ocean improves mental health

The CDC said it confirmed two more cases of measles last week, bringing this year’s total to 1, 243. That’s the most since 1992, eight years before measles was declared eradicated in the U.S.

Plus, a new report suggested fish oil supplements may help ward off some types of Cardiovascular diseases. A team at Harvard University looked at studies that compared the effects of omega-3 fish oil. People who took the supplements were less likely to develop heart problems, though just as likely to suffer a stroke.

Lastly, researchers in England said coastal living can improve one’s mental health. Lower rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders were discovered in areas closer to the sea. The finding was the same in both well-off seaside resort communities and in poorer harbor towns.

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