MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Drug Shortages + Opioid Usage Decrease + Penicillin

A new FDA report looked at the causes of drug shortages in the U.S., and is offering recommendations to the government and drug industry. Federal health officials said they are considering creating a system to rate facilities run by drug makers, rewarding ones that meet quality standards.

Plus, a new study suggests state regulations may be an effective way to fight the opioid epidemic. In 2017, lawmakers in Vermont issued new rules for prescribing opioids. The study found since then, doctors are prescribing less opioids, patients are using less and patients are satisfied with non-opioid treatments.

Lastly, researchers said more than 30 million people in the U.S. wrongly believe they’re allergic to Penicillin. They suggested a simple questionnaire, and if necessary, an allergy skin test to better inform patients. The common misconception can result in using more powerful antibiotics with more side effects and can also contribute to the rise in antibiotic resistant infections.

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