What the Tech? App of the Day: Rakuten

There are many apps that claim to help save you money while you’re shopping.

Honey is a web app that searches for coupons, Shopkick rewards shoppers when they walk into a store and CamelCamelCamel is a website that compares Amazon prices today with the lowest price in its history. I highly recommend each of those apps and websites.

Rakuten is one of the most popular money saving shopping apps in both App Stores. It has a loyal following and millions of users who say they do make money when they shop at stores tied to their Rakuten account and app.

You simply open the app to start shopping online. It lists all of the stores it works with.

Clicking on one takes you to the store’s website where you shop as you normally would. But Rakuten pays you a percentage of your total as a cashback bonus.

Sometimes that’s 1%, sometimes it’s 10%. When you check out, Rakuten puts the cashback money in your Paypal account, so you’ll want one of those if you start using the app.

You can choose to get your money by check, paid quarterly.

You can also use Rakuten on a computer. And if you add your credit card to a Rakuten account, it’ll count spending you do in brick and mortar stores, just use the app when you’re shopping and add the cashback offer by tapping the screen.

The app is free so how does Rakuten not lose money?

They have agreements with the retailers who pay Rakuten a ‘sort of finders fee. Friends who swear by it say there isn’t a catch so unless you’re worried about adding a credit card to another account, it might be worth trying during your holiday shopping.

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