Murder Charges Dismissed Against Montgomery Man in Fatal Shooting of ASU Student

William Slater

A reckless murder charge has been dismissed against a man accused in the fatal shooting of an Alabama State University student.

According to reports, District Judge Tiffany McCord questioned evidence presented against 23-year-old William Slater during a preliminary hearing. She ruled there wasn’t probable cause to convict him.

Montgomery police say 19-year-old Alexis Moss was shot when a large altercation broke out in front of a home in September. The state’s investigator testified a shell casing found nearby matched a gun Slater had.

Slater’s attorney argued it couldn’t be proven the defendant acted with a shooter or was the instigator. A deputy district attorney responded that Slater could still be prosecuted as an accomplice without proof he fired the fatal bullet, but McCord dismissed the charge.


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