MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Autism numbers + BMI & diabetes + Meaning of Life

A new study shows there are not enough therapists to treat children with autism. The number of children diagnosed with autism is rising. Currently, one in 59 children , up from 1 in 125 ten years ago. New research in Psychiatric Services showed a shortage in certified therapists across the country- although the Northeast has a significantly higher number than in other regions.

Plus, lower body mass index is consistently linked to a reduced risk of developing type two diabetes. According to Stanford University researchers, low BMI over a lifetime prevents against the disease, but losing weight later in life, after carrying around excess weight for years, might not have the same result.

Finally, new research confirmed finding meaning in life could make you happier and help you live longer… while searching for purpose and feeling unsuccessful leads to stress, sadness, and decreased cognitive function. Professors at University of San Diego School of Medicine found people feel most fulfilled at age 60.

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