Turkeys From Heaven Deliver 600 Meals to Needy Families


Pike County families in need will be receiving a home-cooked meal this Christmas, all thanks to a nonprofit called “Turkeys From Heaven.”

“There’s tons of needs, physical needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs. So, we try to meet the those here at the week of Christmas because its just so important,” Pike County Turkeys From Heaven founder Kelly Sanders said.

Volunteers arrived early Sunday morning to begin cooking food. 600 meals were being prepared for delivery.

“We cook, we assemble food, and then we deliver it out,” Sanders said.

Sanders started the Pike County branch five years ago. Its made up of hundreds of community volunteers who want to make sure families don’t go hungry on Christmas day.

“We’re trying to serve our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus. And so this season of Christmas is about His birth and what we want to do is reach and love the people,” volunteer Angie Grice said.

Families are referred to by Pike County services, like churches, schools, and even food banks. Each pan is packed with a whole turkey, cranberry sauce, sides, dessert, and a lot of love.

“So many people are dealing with illnesses. They’re dealing with losing their jobs. They’re dealing with being alone. We have a lot of hospice patients that we deliver to,” Sanders said.

Now in its fifth year, volunteers agree its better to give than to receive, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the community.

“Each year, it seems to increase in volunteers we come out here, we socialize with each other and have a great time and its just wonderful. it makes you feel better from the inside,” griller Paul Watkins said.

Pike County Turkeys from Heaven also serves families in Bullock, Crenshaw, and Dale counties.

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