MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: Heart disease & kidney failure + Fatty tongues could cause sleep apnea + Loneliness a growing concern

People with cardiovascular disease may face a higher risk for kidney failure. A study at Johns Hopkins tracked more than 9,000 adults and found patients with heart failure had the highest risk for failing kidneys… about 11-times higher than for people without cardiovascular disease.

Plus, losing fat on the tongue may be the key to improving sleep apnea.  A study at the University of Pennsylvania focused on obese patients suffering from the sleep disorder. Weight loss improved their symptoms by more than 30%, and researchers believe reducing tongue fat may be the biggest factor.

Finally, loneliness is a growing health concern… even in retirement communities designed to promote social interaction. Researchers at U.C. San Diego interviewed senior citizens at a housing community with 85% of them reporting moderate to severe levels of loneliness. The study found those who approached life with wisdom and compassion were the best at preventing it.

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