Do you know this woman? 40-year-old Cold Case is Reopened with Ties to Selma

Authorities in Grundy County, Illinois are trying to identify a woman. Her remains were found in 1976, and officials believe the victim may have ties to Selma and the West Alabama area.

Authorities in Seneca, Illinois say the woman was found shot and killed in October of 1976… They were never able to identify her.

After exhuming her body in 2018, forensics officials have worked closely with the DNA Doe Project to narrow down a close match to her DNA. This picture is how authorities believe she would have looked when she was alive… Now they need your help identifying her.

They believe she was born between 1948 and 1960. One set of grandparents are believed to be from Selma. Her parents may come from there, too.
One of her grandparents was likely named Calhoun and a great grandparent may have been named Harris.

Authorities believe other relatives may live in Dallas or Wilcox counties… and that at least one branch of the family moved to Ohio.
If you recognize her, or have any information on her or her extended family call the Grundy County Coroner’s office at 815-941-3359.