Volunteers Serve River Region Organizations In Honor of Dr. King

City offices and schools were closed Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

But volunteers used their day off to serve others in the Capital City, in honor of King.

HandsOn River Region planned an afternoon of sacrifice to benefit local non profits and organizations.

Hundreds of volunteers raked leaves, picked up trash, and cleaned up Montgomery neighborhoods.

Projects also included sweeping floors, and folding clothes, and helping the Montgomery Fire Department install smoke detectors in homes.

At the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the homeless, volunteers packed hygiene kits, coats, and blankets for distribution to some of the less fortunate.

“Especially on a day like this, where it’s very cold, and we’re asking people to be outside and help them clean up and things like that. And to still see a great response just shows how much our community really cares,” HandsOn Executive Director Tasha Cooper said.

“It’s critical that we not get routine and ceremonial in days; That we understand the importance, so it’s not a day to be at home chilling and relaxing, but it is a day to get busy in the community,” Jack and Jill of America’s Nichole Thompson said.

This was the twenty fifth year of the MLK Jr, Day of Service.
Similar service day activities were planned throughout the state, and as far away as Africa.

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