What Can we Expect From the 2020 Alabama Legislative Session?

The 2020 Alabama Legislative Session is just over a week away, so what can we expect from lawmakers?

Last year two lottery bills stalled in the state house, but Monday Republican Representative Steve Clouse announced that he would introducing a lottery bill this session. Find that story here.

Another issue that lawmakers have been working on, is repealing a grocery tax in Alabama. Many surrounding states have done away with a grocery tax, but the issue in Alabama has been replacing the money.

The General Fund budget and the Education Trust Fund budget are generally in good shape, but budgets are always a priority during the Legislative Session.

Undoubtedly , the biggest issue in this years Legislative Session will be prison reform. Alabama its under close watch from the federal government to make changes to a prison system that the Feds called unconstitutional.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says we should not be surprised if Governor Ivey calls a special session, within the session to address prison reform.

“If you call a special session Legislators have to only concentrate on that one issue” Says Flowers.

The 2020 Alabama Legislative session begins Tuesday, February 4th.

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