MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: New e-cig ban + Differing resting heart rates + CDC sends out Coronavirus tests

A partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes takes effect today. It outlaws the sale of fruit, dessert and mint-flavored pods popular with teenagers. It’s part of the Trump Administration’s effort to reduce youth vaping….which health officials say has reached epidemic levels.

Plus, a new study in the journal “Plahs One” found that normal resting heart rates vary widely from person to person. Researchers in California examined data collected from wearable heart rate sensors from more than 92,000 people across the country. They found that one person’s normal rate may differ from another person’s by as many as 70 beats per minute.

And, the CDC has started shipping out test kits for the Coronavirus. The diagnostic kits are going to more than 100 labs in the U.S., and each one can test 700 to 800 patient samples. There are more than 24,000 cases of Coronovirus, worldwide.

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