WCCS Kicks Off New ‘Man Up’ Mentoring Program for Boys

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A new mentoring program at Wallace Community College Selma — aims to help school age boys — end up in college — instead of prison.

The Man-Up Mentoring program — is part of the Educational Talent Search Program at Wallace Community College Selma.

Acting Program Director Corey Bowie says it’s an effort to equip young men with the skills they need to succeed in life.

“To let them know that if you make good choices with the right attitude, you can be successful in life.”

Bowie said the program will also provide participants with positive role models from around the community.

Plus — teach them how to resolve conflict — and make better choices.

Sederick Fluker is the Executive Director of the STEP Foundation in Montgomery.

“The decisions that our young people make is so critically important,” he said.

“They can make one decision today that could absolutely impact the rest of their lives.”

“We want to address all issues not just the academic side but also the social side because if you’re not addressing the social side it could have an adverse effect on the academic side,” said Bowie.

The Educational Talent Search Program serves more than 800 children — from ten schools in Dallas and Perry counties.

For more information about the program — call (334) 876-9290.

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