Political Analyst Steve Flowers Weighs In On Super Tuesday

Candidates are in the final full week of campaigning before Super Tuesday. It’s a day in which Alabama is one of several states holding its primary elections.

Alabama’s primaries are still a few days away, but we spoke with Alabama News Network’s Political Analyst Steve Flowers about some of the important points of those primaries.

“I think we will see presidential candidates but polling indicates that some of them may not do as well in Alabama- so those probably may not come,” Flowers said.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to participate in the annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee. Flowers says that could make him a front runner to earn Alabama resident’s votes.

“The Selma pilgrimage has become a must-do event for a leading Democratic candidate,” Flowers said.

Flowers also weighed in on the U.S. Senate race’s GOP primary between Jeff Sessions, Tommy Tubberville, and Bradley Byrne.

“There’s still a lot of undecided voters. And polling has sessions in the lead, but Tubberville and Byrne have moved significantly. And they’re in a fight to being in a runoff with sessions, probably,” Flowers said.

Jeff Coleman, Troy King, and Jessica Taylor are battling it for the US House District 2 vote, which includes voters across the Wiregrass and central Alabama.
Flowers says voters often forget that Montgomery County is split three ways, meaning the majority of District Two’s votes don’t come from Montgomery County.

“Montgomery is actually fourth. The county of Montgomery is the fourth largest population in that district. The largest part is in Autauga and Elmore,” Flowers said.

With the primary elections drawing closer, Flowers says voters can expect to see several negative ads in a last ditch effort for candidates to gain some voters.

“They’ll come out of the wall in the last week. Whatever resources they have,” Flowers said.

You can find the Secretary of State’s sample ballots here.

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