What the Tech? App of the Day: Upwork

Never before have so many Americans had a second job. Not the kind of second-job that you might picture, but a side-gig or side-hustle.

A job where they call the shots.

Many times those side-gigs turn into a full-time career. If that’s the kind of thing you’ve been dreaming of, there’s an app you should check out.

Upwork is an app and web platform where freelancers can advertise their skills and where small businesses or companies can hire freelancers for jobs or projects.

Thousands of people in the United States are advertising skills for web developers, graphic designers, bookkeeping, dietitian and hundreds more highly skilled positions. They come from everywhere seeking the freedom of working the hours and projects they choose. It’s also freedom from a 9-5 office job.

One woman from Alabama makes her living doing social media marketing and posted on her profile that she recently moved to Italy but still works virtually for companies in America.

Dozens of people advertise their ability to create cover letters and resumes for people looking for traditional jobs. One freelancer charges $35/hour and another charges $90. You can see on their Upwork profile how many jobs they’ve accepted and completed along with a rating from the people or companies that have hired them on Upwork.

Once a company hires a freelancer they can communicate with them as often as needed while the project is being completed.

Payment to freelancers is also made through the Upwork app. Upwork doesn’t charge anything for putting the freelancers together with hiring companies but it does charge a fee, a percentage of the payment.

link: www.upwork.com

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