Selma Church Leaders Prepare for Virtual Revival

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Normally, church revivals bring people together under one roof to hear Christian messages. But some Selma pastors are gearing up for a revival this week held entirely online.

“This would be the 8th year, but usually it’s a tent revival,” organizer Eric Dawson said.

Due to Covid-19, the plans have changed slightly.
The Selma Outreach Team’s Fellowship Prayer Ministry will be holding its’ revival through a livestream on Facebook.

“I feel like more people watch Facebook than they would actually coming out to the revival,” Visionary Leader Annie Towns said.

Each night this week, a different minister from a local church will preaching from Selma Church of God’s sanctuary.
Those speakers include host Pastor Jon Chappelle of Selma Church of God.

“It’s important that people see that we have hope and that Christ is working through us and that the church is not dead but the church is more alive than it has ever been,” Chappelle said.

Organizers say their virtual Sunday services have reached hundreds of people.
They’re hoping this virtual revival will reach an even larger audience.

“Jesus Christ is the only thing that will always be with you. He promises that. He will never forsake you,” Dawson said.
The revival will go from Monday April 27th through Friday, May 1st.
It begins at 7 p.m nightly.

There will also be a prayer hotline for anyone wanting prayer, beginning at 8 p-m each night during the revival.
That number is 334-431-7181.

You can find a link to the Facebook page where the livestream will begin here. 

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