Growing Concerns Over a Possible Second Wave of Coronavirus Infections After Memorial Day Weekend

Less than one week after Governor Kay Ivey’s amended safer at home order, people flocked to Alabama lakes and beaches for Memorial Day weekend.

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris says there is concern of a spike in new coronavirus cases, after thousands of people could be seen on the beaches and lakes.

“We know this disease transmits very easily when people are close together, and its very important for people to understand why social distancing can keep each other safe,” says Harris.

It can take anywhere between two days and two weeks for coronavirus symptoms to show. Dr. Harris cites large social gatherings like Mardi Gras in New Orleans earlier this year. The impact and spread of the virus in that city was not felt until weeks later when New Orleans was declared one of the first hot spots in the country.

“When we have a holiday and when have lots of people who are gathered together for a while we become nervous and wonder what the next two or three weeks are going to bring.”

Harris says there have been discussions about re-instating health orders if there is a second wave of infections, but in that event it would be considered on a local and countywide level, as spikes and hotspots have been isolated to certain areas in many cases.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health in the week leading up to Memorial Day, Alabama had more confirmed coronavirus cases than any previous week. However, the state also performed more tests in that time span than any other week.

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