What the Tech? App of the Day: Minnow

2+ months in isolation or just spending more time at home, you may be running out of things to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Disney+.

I’ve seen many posts from Facebook friends asking for recommendations for what to watch after finishing “Ozark”, “The Tiger King” and “Dead to Me” series.

There are thousands of movies and shows on streaming services. For anyone looking for something to watch that’s often overwhelming. How do you find something to watch based on how you’re feeling?

Did you know the average American subscribes to more than 3 streaming services? It’s a hassle trying to browse through all the streaming services.

We end up flipping back and forth between our subscriptions which is frustrating and time consuming. This app helps you see
what’s on all of those services, in one place.

“Minnow” allows you to select all the streaming services you subscribe to, and then shows you what’s on just those services so you can see everything you have access to in one place.

I’ve chosen Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV +. There are currently over 61-hundred movies and shows. I can scroll through them all, but “Minnow” breaks it down further. I can browse through just movies or just shows. What’s trending, top rated, recently added and moods.

If you want to laugh, tap comedy movies and you’ll only see that genre within all your subscriptions. There’s also drama, family, romance, Westerns and others.

This can save a lot of time. Minnow also filters movies and shows that have won Academy awards, Golden Globes and at the Sundance Film Festival.

There’s little chance you’d ever see that “The Art of Self Defense” is a movie on Hulu. The app shows you a synopsis, and a 6.7 rating on the Internet Movie Database.

Users can create playlists that others can see and follow. For example, I found playlists for “Best Kisses”, “Harry Potter”, “True Crime” and “Most Quotable” movies available on my subscription services. Again, only on the services I subscribe to. This is a game-changer.

You’d normally have to log off Netflix and onto Apple TV+ to see there’s a Beastie Boys documentary available to you.

One recent survey finds that on average, Americans spend 23 minutes browsing titles on Netflix before finding something to watch. This app, for iPhones and Android and streaming devices may eliminate that frustration leaving more time to watch in the evening.

“Minnow” is an app for iPhones, Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and, the app says, coming soon to Roku.

It’s free and my App of the Day.

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