Alabama News Network Adds WeatherSTEM Technology and Curriculum


Alabama News Network has joined with WeatherSTEM to provide an unmatched ability to bring you live weather conditions and science-based curriculum. WeatherSTEM gives our Weather Authority team of meteorologists yet another layer of information to use in tracking and forecasting.

The best news is this information is available to you wherever you are.


This is an example of the Alabama News Network Montgomery dashboard.

From high atop the Alabama News Network studios in Montgomery, our WeatherSTEM equipment is monitoring conditions 24 hours a day. This instant information is available on our Montgomery dashboard page, which includes a live temperature reading, rainfall amount, wind speed and ZapMap lightning detection.

Our location is one of dozens of WeatherSTEM sites throughout the Southeast. The WeatherSTEM network is rapidly expanding in all directions, including the Texas Motor Speedway and the Bahamas. You can use the national map to locate a camera and data in a city that interests you.


Map showing WeatherSTEM sites across the Southeast.


If you’re on social media, you’ll want to follow the Alabama News Network WeatherSTEM Facebook and Twitter pages. You’ll have forecasts delivered right to your feed, including outlooks on whether you’ll have to worry about mosquito activity or frizzy hair. You’ll also see time lapse video of sky conditions.



Alabama News Network WeatherSTEM on Facebook.



Alabama News Network WeatherSTEM on Twitter



Some of the WeatherSTEM courses available.

Another important feature of WeatherSTEM is the curriculum. Students of all ages can learn about the Alabama climate and take meteorology courses involving a variety of topics. WeatherSTEM focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, hence the name.

We hope you’ll share our excitement in bringing WeatherSTEM technology to our area. Instant weather conditions for Montgomery are just a click away!



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