Selma Business Owner Steps Up to Clean Neglected Cemetery

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Selma business owner has taken it upon himself to clean up an overgrown and neglected cemetery in Selma.

Wal Cemeterycleanup Fox PkgLincoln Cemetery is part of a problem the city of Selma has with unkept private properties.

Overgrown grass — trees — and bushes — were making the cemetery an eyesore.

But now — Snow’s Cleaning Service is stepping up — to clean up the property — at no charge.

“When I came out here the other day and looked, it just did something to me,” said owner LeMarkus Snow.

“It made me just want to help the cause. I seen weeds up this high around some graves, trees grown out outside the graves covering the graves up, grass covering up the graves. It was just in a mess.”

The clean-up is expected to take about two days to complete.

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