Name Change for 3 Schools Named After Confederate Leaders on Agenda for Montgomery School Board Meeting

Img 2588The Montgomery County Board of Education will be holding their scheduled school board meeting on Tuesday, July 14.

There are multiple topics being discussed but there is one that many people are interested in. That topic will be the renaming of three schools. Robert E. Lee High School, Jefferson Davis High School, and Sidney Lanier High School are the three schools in question.

The push to change the names of the three predominately black schools named after Confederate leaders came after the death of Minnesota man, Geoge Floyd, sparked a resurgence of the “Black Live Matter” movement. Many people around the country have been pushing for Confederate monuments and their names to be removed from buildings.

The statue of Robert E. Lee that stood in front of Robert E. Lee High School was pulled down by protesters. The statue has yet to put back up.

The school board meeting will be in the auditorium of Carver High School at 5 pm.


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