Sister of John Lewis Speaks to Alabama News Network about His Death

Alabama News Network has spoken to Rosa Tyner, the youngest sister of U.S.  Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), who died Friday at the age of 80. Lewis, who was a native of Troy, was severely beaten on Bloody Sunday in Selma in 1965 and leaves a legacy of fighting for civil rights.

“I prayed to God for him to spare him, but then John said ‘I’m ready. I am at peace.’ and he was ready, so I had to accept that,” Tyner said in Troy after returning from Atlanta.

“John was a beautiful brother. I remember when he would come home from college and come home from something, he would always bring me something. He’d buy me dresses and things.

“And he was proud of being from Troy. You know if he wasn’t from Troy, maybe he would’ve known that to start on a movement or how things were here in Troy and around in the South.

“I think he should be remembered for his humbleness and his sacrifice and he was just I don’t care what day it was he was the same way he never forgot the calls he never forgot the cause.  From his birth on to his death, he will still standing up for what’s right can you imagine and hear him in heaven standing up for what’s right,” Tyner said.

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