Montgomery Leaders Urge Residents to Support School Referendum

Montgomery County area leaders today said it’s time to invest more than the bare minimum in Montgomery Public Schools.

On Wednesday officials announced the formation of a community-wide campaign to raise awareness of the upcoming school funding referendum.

MPS Superintendent Ann Roy Moore and MPS School Board President Clare Weil alongside Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton Dean, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, and others from the area’s elected and civic leadership, including the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce, unveiled the Vote FOR Montgomery Public Schools campaign.

This effort is encouraging Montgomery voters to vote “for approval” of the property tax proposal on the November presidential ballot.

Montgomery County currently collects for schools the lowest amount of property tax revenue allowed by the state, ten mills.

Of the state’s five largest communities, Montgomery is the only one that levies the state minimum.

Schools in neighboring Pike Road and Auburn collect twice as many mills.

If the referendum is approved by voters, beginning in 2023, Montgomery would increase the number of mills levied on property in Montgomery County for schools from 10 to 22 mills.

This amounts to only a $12.75 increase for the average property owner each month.

Properties located in the City of Pike Road will not be affected.

The proposed millage increase will raise an additional $33 million annually. MPS has said the new funding would help MPS, among other goals:

  • Rehabilitate school facilities;
  • Provide more professional development for educators;
  • Increase resources for students and teachers;
  • Add pre-k, AP, art, and music classes;
  • Strengthen STEM programs; and,
  • Hire more social and emotional and trauma-informed staff.
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