High Tech COVID-19 Safety Measures in Place at Marion Military Institute

Wal Mmicovidtech PkgFrom the West Alabama Newsroom–

Cadets at Marion Military Institute are starting to make their way back to campus for the fall — and school officials are using technology to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

New high accuracy thermo-graphic cameras have been strategically placed in high traffic areas around campus.

The cameras are capable of detecting whether a cadet is wearing a face mask — or has a high temperature.

“We put one in what would be the only exit of our dining facility,” said IT Director AJ Crittenden.

“So, students that come in, they eat and on their way out every individual that passes by that camera, we’re able to get a temperature reading.

A temperature reading of 100.4 or higher triggers an alert — and notifies school health officials.

The school has also put a student surveying system in place — to do daily COVID-19 symptom checks.

Cadets have to be cleared before they’re allowed to go to class — interact with others — or participate in on-campus activities.

“If they’re cleared they receive a follow up text message that is a green check mark on their phone that they’re able to, if asked, they’re able to show personnel on campus.”

New AV cameras in some classrooms — will allow for some remote student learning — if needed.

“They’re able to remote into the classroom and see what’s exactly going on in the classroom. Participate and interact, real-time,” Crittenden said.

The new technology was paid for with money from the CARES Act — and private donations.

Students have to register for COVID-19 testing — before they arrive on campus.

The first day of classes is August 17th.

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