Pike County Storm Cleanup Underway

Pike County is recovering from damage after the storm Wednesday.

We talked with EMA Director Herb Reeves who said most of the damage came from the heavy rain, resulting in flooding and several trees down.

County Road 22-21 off Henderson Highway was closed off throughout the night. A neighbor said the pond on that road was so full that barricades were put up to stop traffic from crossing, “We had lot of rain and wind,” Mynetter Smiley, Troy resident said. “We didn’t get any trees down in our yard, but as I was coming out, I saw this tree here. Our power went out until about an hour ago.”

“I think this one from a rainfall standpoint, it’s been years since I’ve seen this amount of rainfall in this short period of time,” Pike Road EMA Director Herb Reeves told us. “The wind was not that bad. It was a blowing rain. Everywhere you went, you’d get wet. I think it was a pretty significant storm for Pike County. It seemed like the clouds hovered over the county for a significant period of time.”

Reeves said they are finishing up assessing the damage Thursday. He said there are 82 roads that need work and some roads are still closed.

If you have any damage to report, the county has a system called ‘Rave Alert’ that sends out messages and keeps residents aware. You can communicate any problems through the rave alert system.

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