What the Tech? App of the Day: Jumbo

No matter how much time you spend scrubbing personal information off of social media and websites, it’s never enough.

Every day you browse the web, watch a YouTube video, go somewhere, or post to social media, there’s a very good possibility that the data is shared or at least saved somewhere.

You can try to keep up with it all but no one has that kind of time. The privacy app “Jumbo” does all of that automatically.

Jumbo is popular with people concerned about personal tracking and privacy and gets outstanding ratings and reviews from cybersecurity experts and companies.

Here’s how it works:

Once the app is downloaded onto a phone it will connect with many of the apps and services you use such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Alexa, Dropbox, and many others.

Once you give it permission to scan those services and accounts, Jumbo searches for any vulnerabilities. In Facebook, it locates every setting that could pose a privacy issue such as your personal information about where you work, relationship status, likes, and searches.

When I ran the scan on my personal Facebook account, it noticed that I had neglected to block people from finding me on Facebook by using my email address or phone number. I swear I changed those settings a while back but either it reset, or I missed it.

Preventing people from finding you on Facebook or any other social media account through a phone number or email address can set you up for a privacy nightmare. Your phone number and email address may be associated with all sorts of accounts online or may have been involved in a data breach on one of the services or websites you signed up for.

If bad guys want to target you, they can find your phone number or email address somewhere online, search Facebook with them, and learn more about you on Facebook. That’s enough to get started stealing your identity.

On Twitter Jumbo suggested I delete or archive tweets that are more than 20 months old. As you are well aware, old tweets have been problematic for people in the public eye.

Searching for my activity on Google, Jumbo uncovered other settings I had either missed or neglected.

Consider Jumbo as your personal assistant who monitors all of your online presence for privacy vulnerabilities. It does not keep login information but leaves all that on your phone.

There’s a price to pay for that protection. Jumbo offers subscriptions at several tiers. For 1 year of coverage, depending on the subscription you choose (plus or pro), costs $30 or $100. Jumbo is available now for iPhones and Android devices.

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