USDA Grant Awarded for Road Repair Project in Perry Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Perry County officials announce a $840,000 dollar USDA grant — to complete a long awaited road repair project in Uniontown.

Wal Uniontownroad PkgCounty Road 65 has been on a list of roads in need of repair in Perry County for 16 years. But it won’t be for much longer now that the county finally has the money to fix it.

“We’re elated to finally have made the financial arrangements so County Road 65 can be completed,” said Commissioner Albert Turner.

County leaders held a press conference in Uniontown Tuesday morning to make the announcement.

Chris Beeker is the State Director of USDA Rural Development.

“We’re here to fund projects like this in communities like Perry County. To help support economic job growth, housing and infrastructure within the community,” said Beeker.

“This funding is going to help go a head and get that taken care of, so that’s one item off the list of things to do in Perry County,” said Commission Chairman Cedric Hudson.

Construction is expected to get underway this spring and take about 2 months to complete from start to finish.

“We’ll take the current roadway, mix what’s already there, add cement to it, re-crown the roadway and then we will have a paving contractor to come in and put the surface on top of that,” said Kimbrough.

County Road 65 is a 10 mile stretch of road — that runs from the Uniontown city limits — to the Marengo County line.

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