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Who knew you can read a nation’s mood by looking through the app stores? Apple and Google have released their lists of the best apps of the year. And you can easily see, it’s been a rough year for many of us.

Apple named Wakeout! it’s the iPhone app of the year. When companies sent people home to work last spring, discovered WakeOut, a combination of wake up and work out. 4-minute exercises you can do without leaving your home workspace.

Worried that the pandemic will leave you fit or fat? Wakeout is one of the more popular workout and activity apps in the app store. WakeOut is iOS only.

Apple’s Watch App of the Year is a mind-clearing app. Endel plays ambient sounds to help users relax but it’s more than music, it uses artificial intelligence to play sounds based on your circadian rhythm. Choose whether you want to read, meditate, create, study, and Endel plays ambient sounds designed specifically for that activity.

You can use Endel without an Apple Watch, but it’s more effective with a wearable that senses your heartbeat. Endel is also
available for Android devices.

And Google’s App of the Year is another relaxation app called “Loona”. It isn’t just a sleep app, it’s designed to alter your mood to prepare you for sleeping. De-stress to a different sleepscape every night while you drift off to sleep.

When 2020 turned upside down, the creators of the Loona app experienced a surge in downloads. Over a half-million people use it. There are loona apps for Android and iOS devices.

If 2020 has been stressful and you need some self-care, these apps may help. They’re Apple and Google’s Apps of the Year.

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