What the Tech? See What’s New at the Virtual 2021 CES

Every January nearly 200,000 people from around the world converge on Las Vegas for the annual CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show).

Due to COVID-19, CES 2021 is being held virtually with companies around the world meeting online with tech journalists to
unveil some of the newest gadgets and high tech electronics. Even though everyone is logging in to CES from their home offices, there’s still a lot of interesting, if not awe-inspiring inventions being unveiled.

Among some of the biggest annual exhibitors, LG, Sony, SAMSUNG, and Intel are all introducing electronics that will someday, probably soon, be available to consumers.

SAMSUNG unveiled new televisions including a 110″ Micro LED set that allows you to watch up to four things at one time. SAMSUNG also introduced everyone to home robots that can not only vacuum and mop the floors but can serve someone a glass of water or wine, do the dishes, pick up around the house and do the laundry.

LG and TCL introduced new rollable video screens. TCL’s screen is more like a scroll. The company showed a video where someone unrolls the screen outside and it appears as an OLED screen that can be used for communications and the internet.

LG showed the world its new Wing smartphone. The front of this phone pulls out and rotates 90-degrees to give you more screen space to browse the internet while shooting video or talking to someone over a video call.

The phone was released last fall and currently available at cellphone provider stores.

And no CES would be complete without a flying car, or at least a concept vehicle. Pal-V is a 3-wheel automobile that has optional front and top propellers. While there have been previous ‘flying cars’ at CES, the Pal-V is a bit farther down the road to production as it has been approved as ‘street legal’ in Europe.

Not only has COVID-19 and the global pandemic affected CES by making it virtual in 2021, but many of the products also introduced this week were invented to address the pandemic health threat. CES wrapped up (virtually) on Thursday.

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