Montgomery City Council Approves Reed’s $50 Million Reinvestment Plan

The Montgomery City Council has voted unanimously to approve Mayor Steven L. Reed’s initiative to reinvest $50 million in Montgomery neighborhoods, community centers, public safety infrastructure and public transportation.

Mayor Reed revealed the plan Monday as part of the City’s success in restructuring municipal finances to save $16-$18 million in taxpayer money.

“We made a promise to put in place the foundation needed for a safer, more equitable and vibrant Montgomery,” Mayor Reed said. “Tonight, I am happy to announce our Montgomery City Council members pledged to join us in securing this vision. The Council’s decision will determine Montgomery’s trajectory for the next decade and beyond. These projects will further our work to create a city that expands opportunity for everyone.”

The initiative fund several capital improvement projects, including a new fire station at Court Street and Fairview Avenue and a new multipurpose community center.
The City will also invest in infrastructure improvements including new electric transit buses.

The Mayor Office says Reed will keep the public informed on the project’s progress with a new awareness campaign.

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