Southern Heritage Group Leader Speaks Out About Stolen Monument

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The theft of a confederate monument stolen from a Selma cemetery last month — is making headlines across the country.

Now the leader of the group that owns the artifact — is speaking out.

Wal Jdchairstolen PkgThe Jefferson Davis Memorial chair has been one of the points of interest of people who visit Confederate Memorial Circle in Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma.

The historic artifact came up missing last month.

Pat Godwin is the president of the United Daughters of Confederacy — Selma Chapter 53 — the group that owns the chair.

“It’s irreplaceable. It’s just like any other art, it’s priceless,” said Godwin.

“I mean, what kind of a price do you put on the Mona Lisa or a Picasso?”

Godwin is passionate about southern heritage — and preserving the history.

“The chair was put here in 1893. It was put here in honor of President Davis — to honor him for his two visits to Selma. And his recognition of Selma for our contribution to the war,” Godwin said.

A group claiming to have the chair — sent an email to news outlets Monday — saying the chair would only be returned — if the UDC displays a banner with a quote from a Black Liberation Army activist — at their headquarters in Virginia.

“Every news organization around is calling about this,” said DA Michael Jackson.

“And the reason of course is Selma’s history of the Civil War and Civil Rights. So, this group to get the maximum exposure picked the right place to get the national exposure they trying to get.”

“Whoever has it, we would appeal to them to bring it back — and not compound the crimes they’ve already committed,” said Godwin.

“History is very important and to erase it is really a tragedy, especially in a country like the United States of America.”