Medical Breakthroughs: Blood Pressure Warning for Middle-Aged Women

Middle-aged women are being urged to check their blood pressure to avoid heart attacks. Researchers in Norway found women with mildly elevated blood pressure in their 40s….have twice the risk of acute coronary syndromes in their 50s.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is warning of the consequences of air pollution on children’s health. Data shows it can make chronic diseases like asthma worse and is also associated with abnormal lung and neurodevelopment, cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.
the academy is recommending pediatricians know pollution issues in their area and advocate for better environmental policies.
and gamblers upped their ante online during the lockdown.

A study out of the UK found regular gamblers were more than six times more likely to gamble online than before the pandemic.
researchers were also troubled by a strong link between increased online gambling and heavy drinking.

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