Pike Road High School Holds Academic Signing Day for Senior Class

Pike Road parents, teachers, and administrators celebrated their graduating seniors in the high school’s first ever academic signing day.

Alabama, Auburn, UAB, and Penn State are just a few of the schools graduating seniors from Pike Road will be attending in the fall. This is Pike Road’s second graduating class.

Students were able to officially sign to their future schools in the first inaugural ceremony of its kind.

“We’re trying to create traditions here at Pike Road High School,” Principal of Pike Road High School Gregory Foster said. “I thought this was the perfect tradition, as we always want to celebrate educational opportunities.”

Parents were excited to see their children honored for their academic achievements.

“It’s nice to see that kids on the academic side get a little bit of attention and take pride in their accomplishments they have worked so hard for,” Stephanie Reybitz, parent of a graduating senior, said.

Pike Road students said despite the challenges of the pandemic, they still look back on their time in high school in a positive way.

“The school did a lot to help them accomplish all those goals and get over all the hurdles they faced, not only just being a regular teenager going through high school but with the pandemic and everything like that,” Reybitz said.

School administrators want the seniors to know they will always be there for them.

“Even though they are graduating and leaving Pike Road, we’re still going to support them from afar,” Foster said.

The Pike Road seniors will officially graduate on May 27.

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