Juneteenth Celebrated Indoors at Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Rain from Tropical Storm Claudette forced the Juneteenth celebration at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts to be held indoors, but there were still plenty of people who wanted to attend.

“We are going to start saying our prayers right now for better weather next year, because it’s our intentions to have it at the grounds surrounding the garden, so that instead of having hundreds of friends come and be with us on this special day, we can invite thousands to be with us,” Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Director Angie Dodson told Alabama News Network.

The theme for this year was “Shout Hallelujah at The MMFA: A Celebration of Culture, Creativity and Freedom.”

This is the first Juneteenth event at MMFA. Hundreds came out this morning. There were six local artists demonstrating and selling their works as well as a full day of activities on the stage.

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