Millbrook Introduces 5-Year Plan to Develop Downtown Area

The City of Millbrook is teamed up with a Downtown Strategies to come up with a plan to revitalize the Main Street area.

The City of Millbrook is home to almost 16,000 people and as surrounding cities including Prattville and Wetumpka have built upon their downtown areas, Millbrook is making goals to as well.

The city has teamed up with a national community development firm called Downtown Strategies. They presented a customized 5-year plan for a downtown area to residents, business owners, and city leaders on Wednesday.

Key goals include making the city walkable, and bringing restaurants, events, and shopping to the area. Some possible projects people could look forward to seeing are new sidewalks, crosswalks, wayfinding signage, and opportunities for new events.

Downtown Strategies believes there has never been a better time than now for Millbrook to expand as more people are working from home and moving to smaller cities as result of the pandemic.

However, not all Millbrook residents are on the same page.

“There are people that are really excited about the growth of Millbrook, but I think on the other hand there are some people that have been here way before the town was incorporated that may not like the big things that are coming,” said Millbrook resident and business owner Penny Nichols.

Mayor Al Kelley said not everybody in city is going to agree on all the goals, but these ideas will get Millbrook going forward.

“Hopefully over the period of the next few years it will be something everybody is proud of,” Kelley said.

The plans are currently only recommendations as they have not been adopted by the city council yet.

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