Universities Making Plans for COVID-19 Precautions

As K-12 schools across the state are planning COVID-19 precautions for the upcoming school year, major universities are as well.

Last fall, many students at universities never stepped foot into a classroom, learning entirely remote. Now, as the new school year approaches students will be going back to the classroom and towards normal operations.

“Its going to be good to actually be able to go to class, sit in a desk, and be around actual students and professors.” Christian Hayes University of Alabama student said.

However, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health around 25% of COVID-19 cases come from those under the age of 25. With the recent release of new guidelines from the CDC, many universities are still planning to take precautions:

The University of Alabama: currently requiring anybody unvaccinated to wear a mask.

Alabama State: will require everyone to wear masks

Auburn University: will require everyone to wear masks

Auburn University of Montgomery: planning to announce their precautions next week

Troy University: masks are currently optional

Along with these precautions some universities are offering incentives to students for getting vaccinated including money and prizes. Students have mixed opinions on if this will actually make an impact.

“It could go either way,” Hayes said. “For students who need that extra nudge, for sure. But for students who are kind of set in their ways, the $20 they are offering pro0bably isn’t going to make someone completely change their mind on that.”

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