Construction In Downtown Wetumpka Following HGTV’s Hometown Takeover

Tourists visiting the City of Wetumpka may be surprised that many of the renovations they saw on HGTV’s hometown takeover are surrounded by construction.

Mayor Jerry Willis says the City of Wetumpka has boomed with tourists since the airing of the show. However, the city didn’t stop upgrades to their community after the show ended. Right now, construction is taking place downtown, blocking off main street.

The construction was planned to run alongside the renovations made by HGTV, but because of shortages caused by the pandemic, it got backed up. The city was in a waiting period for concrete. The mayor says concrete companies didn’t have enough drivers to deliver.

The construction is expected to be complete within the next two weeks. The mayor invites tourists to come back again for the finished project.

The city confirmed they have more funding now than ever before. They’re expecting a new restaurant downtown, eight new Airbnb’s for tourists to stay, and an updated sports plex.

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