Student Brings Gun on First Day of School at Dallas Co. High School

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The first day of school at Dallas County High School — was marred by a student bringing a gun to school.

Deputies were called out to the school Monday afternoon — after school officials got a tip — that a student had a gun on campus.

Wal Firstdaygun Fox Mini“Before we responded, the principal was able to locate a book bag in which the gun was located, said Granthum.

“It was in a classroom. It wasn’t a student around at the time.”

Granthum says the 14 year old student the book bag belonged to — was identified — using school surveillance video.

“We immediately took that subject into custody and began questioning. The school was placed on immediate lock down which the Dallas County High School administration did an excellent job as far as making sure every child was safe. There was never a child in danger during that time.”

Granthum says teen has been placed in juvenile detention — and an investigation is underway.

“Of course the investigation is going to tell where the gun came from? How he got the gun? It’s going to tell a lot,” said Granthum.

“The first day of school, we don’t know if something happened during the summer time but he felt threatened by another student or retaliation? We really don’t know at this this time. But it’s being investigated.”

Superintendent Hattie Shelton says no weapons of any kind are permitted on school property.

She says any disciplinary action taken by the school district — will be based on the recommendation of the principal.

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