City of Millbrook Working on New City Highly Anticipated Projects

After 45 years of existence, the City of Millbrook is finally beginning some highly anticipated projects.

The city is working on building their downtown area from the ground up, and beginning their 17 Springs sports complex.

Their 17 Springs sports complex will be a 200 acre complex including a 100-thousand square foot indoor facility. It will include championship sports like basketball, football, tennis and soccer.

“Their [Millbrook parents] children will have a wonderful, high level quality facility to be able to do sports and other opportunities too.”

While 17 Springs takes care of the entertainment side of Millbrook, their new downtown area will attract many new businesses.

“For our citizens it’ll be local opportunity for jobs, maybe opportunities to start businesses that will integrate from this.”

Phase 1 of the 17 Springs project is set to begin in a few a weeks. Officials say the projects should be finished in 3-5 years.

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