Family Evacuates New Orleans and Comes to Prattville, Seeks Help

UPDATE: See how Alabama News Network viewers helped the Darby family

With 16 family members, and just one night left in their hotel room, reality has hit the Darby family hard.

The Darby family evacuated New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Ida a few days ago, and did not anticipate being in Prattville this long.

“We got here to Alabama two days ago, and we were thinking we were going to go right back,” said Leishon Darby “and unfortunately that’s not the case.”

Darby says they received an alert text message from the City of New Orleans Emergency Preparedness Campaign saying they are to not to return until further notice.

She says that made her family’s situation much tougher because they’re running out of resources.

“We cant afford to stay in a hotel and keeping paying, so we really don’t know what to do” said Darby.

The American Red Cross and FEMA have put out a statement saying that the rumors saying that they will pay for hotel cost of evacuees is false. For more information on this, click here.

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