Thank You to All Who Donated to “Stuff the Truck” Food Drive

All of us at Alabama News Network, Tie and Doll, Inc. and our other sponsors thank all of you who stopped by the Sturbridge Winn-Dixie in Montgomery on Saturday to donate to the “Stuff the Truck” food drive. Thanks to you, it was another big success.

Donations were up over last year. This year, we raised $2,400 in cash as well as 85 boxes of food, which is 4,850 pounds.

This food drive is designed to help children in Montgomery Public Schools who might not have enough food to eat, other than what they get at school.

The food donations will be put into backpacks and given to students in need. This year, the food is going to students at Jeff Davis High School. Thanks to Grace Community Church for getting the food into the students’ hands.

Plans are already underway for next year’s drive, which will include a bigger truck!

The partners for Stuff the Truck are: Tie and Doll, Inc., Alabama News Network, Winn-Dixie, Grace Community Church, U-haul, Wellness Coalition, Three Squared Technology Group, S.H.E. Agency, and Z Tribe of Montgomery.

Thank you!


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