Auburn University Students Protest After Multiple Alleged Sexual Assaults Around Campus

Around the Auburn University campus students are shouting for accountability, after the university notified them of three alleged sexual assaults that have happened over the last week.

In the most recent case, a report released by the university suggests the victim was assaulted at a fraternity house but did not specify which one. This sparked Auburn University sophomore Jordan Musantry to organize a protest.

“If you are considering committing sexual assault or harassment against anyone, you should be afraid and you should know that your name is going to get out there,” Musantry said. “Rather than, if I do it, no one is going to know my name and no one is going to know what organization I’m apart of.”

Details of the incident were released around 1:20 pm Tuesday, and Musantry says within hours around 500 students showed up in support of the cause.

Signs read “sexual assault should not be part of the college experience”, “name the frat”, and “we stand with you”.

There is now a group a students taking action against the issue with almost 1000 people.

“Its become such an issue that so many girls feel like they can’t have their voices heard, and they need to hide behind the university when the university sometimes isn’t even supporting their voice,” Auburn University student Leah Watts said.

Auburn University responded to the protest saying the victim of the latest incident did not file a police report:

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Musantry and other protest organizers say regardless, their stand was important.

“Hopefully (we’ll) make this big at auburn, so it can stop here and then hopefully stop things at other colleges,” Auburn University student Mackenzie Schlegel said.

The students say they plan to continue putting pressure on the university to make a change. We reached out to Auburn University for a statement. The university did not respond to us.

Many students wore red to class today in support of the movement. Efforts are also being made for a march to spread awareness.


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