Pike County Jail Hasn’t Reported Any COVID Cases Since Start of Pandemic

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Pike County Jail

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been no places safe from COVID. However, the Pike County  Jail has been able to keep all inmates COVID-free since the beginning.

That’s despite the Pike County Jail being one of the oldest jails in Alabama.

Alabama News Network talked with Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas about his strategy to keep his county inmates safe from COVID.

Sheriff Thomas stated that after he talked with a UAB doctor at the beginning of the pandemic, he stocked up on months’ worth of supplies. He then had his staff strictly follow CDC COVID guidelines for the jail by disinfecting and constantly checking temperatures.

Sheriff Thomas credits his staff and having a smaller jail helping them in this situation.

“I don’t have as many inmates as some of these counties like Montgomery or Lee County, so it’s impossible for them to be able to do like I do,” Sheriff Thomas said.

Sheriff Thomas has stated that most of the Pike County Jail inmates have been vaccinated. The Pike County Jail has been shut down from outsiders, except for law enforcement and local inmates coming in.

Pike County Jail currently has 65 inmates.


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